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Diamond Passport Case

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Diamond Passport Case


"Travel internationally in style!"
This passport case is a great palce to carry passport or boarding tickets. It is compact but holds a lot. It has 2 side pockets that will provide easy access to your boarding pass, travel documents and passport. With the combination of synthetic leather (Enamel) and fabric, it fully protects your poassport from get damaged. It is interfaced for durability and strength. It made out of 3M shielding film inside to protec from illegal skimming. The passport wallet comes with 6 different types of coloful colors. The elastic band assists in pulling the flap securely.


  • Type : Passport Wallet, Passport Case

  • Color : Pearl White, Emerald, Milky Pink Indigo Blue, Hot Pink, Lime Green

  • Size :
    - Passport Wallet / 100 x 220 x 7 (mm)
    - Passport Case / 98 x 145 x 5 (mm)
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