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Memo clock

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Memo clock


"SAVE the trees~ Write on a ceramic memo clock"
Why should people take important notes only on paper? You have the liberty to 'be NOT forgetful'.
The memo clock is a table clock upon which it has applied the 'Re-write' principle.
This Memo Clock contains the untouched, pure artistic intention of the creator and offers all the sleekness of modern design.
The clock designs are made of clay-based ceramic which has been fired to around 1250 C.
degrees to show its true color-pure white. It also contains writable board marker.


  • Color : White, Black, Light Pink, Light Blue

  • Size : 215 x 90 x 35 (mm)


  • Design of Memo Clock Registered from the Intellectual Property Office (30-0521236)
  • Awarded from Reddot Design Award & Good Design Award
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