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Sandwich Clock

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Sandwich Clock


“Complete your home decor with this great accent piece.”
Made from a thick slice of EVA sponge sandwiched between papers.
Sandwich clock is covered in an exquisite paper with embossed numbers in black/silver.
It can be hung onto any surface easily using double-sided tapes or thumb tack.
It uses a quality quartz movement with sweep technology (very quiet running) that runs off a AA battery (included) and the hands are made of metal.
The clock is 230mm in diameter (230 x 230mm for square) and the total thickness is 20mm.


  • Type : Circle Number, Circle Line, Square Number, Color Number

  • Color : Ivory, Kraft, Black, Light Pink, Light Blue, Vivid Red, Yellow Green

  • Size : 230 x 230 x 20 (mm)
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